Friday, August 30, 2013

3 Silly Years

It's been 3 Silly years of being Silly...actually July was the official Birthday, but we usually count when we do our Omega Force shoot again. Omega Force was little ole St.George group's first theme shoot and it's actually been our favorite only fitting we do it again every year. This next month theme Syfy and you know what that means....Omega Force Part get ready!
It's been such a fun year getting to know so many new beautiful silly girls and getting to take some amazing photos. Just for fun Let's take a trip down memory lame and list all of our themed shoots....
2010-Adventure-Omega Force
        Movie Genre-Clue
        Summer-Water Beauties
        Fall-Pumpkin People
        Awkward Family photos-Plig family
        Christmas-12 days of christmas
2011-Fairy Tale
        Seasons-Spring Hippies 60's
        Jail birds
        Children's stories
        When I grow up-Barbie version
        Omega Force part 2
        7 deadly Sins
        Steam Punk
        Decades-50 western pinup
        Masquerade-Christmas party
2012-Board Games-chess
         Jr.High class photos
         Guess our theme-Gentleman's club
         Wedding-cat walk
          Around the World
          The great outdoors
          Pin up
          Omega Force part 3
          Scary stories to tell in the dark
          Mythical creatures
2013-Guess our theme-Blow job
        Guilty Pleasures
        Flashback/flash forward
        Work of Art
And more to come! Hope to see more groups upload and celebrate!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

Be Inspired!

February Theme: Guilty Pleasures
Dig deep ladies and find what your guilty pleasure is and get creative. 
Self Portrait: Botanical 
Even if you can't get a group together for "Guilty Pleasures" you can still take a self portrait with that theme along with Botanical. Upload to our facebook page. Everyone loves to see new faces so join the fun!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Themes

We are excited to announce this years monthly themes along with a monthly "Self Portrait". We are excited about the self portraits because if you aren't able to get together with your group you still have a chance to take a self portrait that month. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Be Silly 2012

WOW Be Silly has made it through a whole year. What an awesome time! We are excited for 2013 and all the fun themes we have planned. Hope you all made your new year resolution to Be MORE Silly!