Sunday, March 4, 2012

Plan Party!

If you have a group of friends or plan to get one started so you can join in on the Silliness of fun do a "Plan Party". A lot of people ask how our group comes together every month and plans out our shoots?
Having our set of themes for the whole year helps. This year we want to do something different and encourage you to do it as well. We have an extremely talented group of girls that all bring something personal to the group. We also are lucky to have 2 professional photographers, but this year we plan to leave the creativity up to everyone. We all usually plan each month with brain storming our ideas for the theme, discussing what works best for everyone and when we can all get together and do it. This year though we plan to give each girl in the group a chance to be the creative leader of the month. So that means they are the ones deciding what we will do with the theme that month, take photos....yes that's right no professional photographer or fancy camera. They have to take the pictures, edit all on their own. So all you gals out there that think you can't do this with out those things we will show you, you can still have fun and take great photos with out all that jazz.
We have about 12 girls for each of the 12 themes this year. So get ready and see what each girl brings to their theme.

Be Inspired!

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